The new Bayit V’gan neighborhood

of Givat Ze’ev

In recent years the Agan Ha’ayalot neighborhood has become the most talked-about neighborhood among Israel’s chareidi sector. Israelis and foreigners, religious Jews of all types and from all over the world, have already found their places in this special neighborhood.

Givat Ze’ev is located north of Jerusalem and is home to more than 5,000 families. Approximately 20,000 residents enjoy a beautiful lifestyle in an exceptionally warm, quality community. A variety of community services are available for large chareidi families.

Among other things, there is a shopping center there, which includes a large supermarket and a variety of shops. There are also many shuls scattered throughout the neighborhood, as well as a choice of high-quality schools, kindergartens, daycare centers, and mikva’os.

The “new Givat Ze’ev” can be accessed directly from Highway 443, and one can reach downtown Yerushalayim in as little as 12 minutes.


The Agan Ha’ayalot neighborhood of Givat Ze’ev is locted at the gate of Yerushalayim, within a few minutes’ drive from the center of the city. It offers a successful blend of quiet suburban life nestled in an enchanting mountainous region, while still being close to the bustle of downtown activities.

It is just a seven-minute drive to the Ramot shopping mall

15 minutes to the Central Bus Station

12 minutes to the Kotel or to downtown

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